How are Apple products getting refurbished?

All refurbished Apple products go through strict quality control checks; it is an essential stage in renewing a product.

Technicians test thoroughly the devices, which include hardware tests, software tests, and thorough checking of all components by a refurbisher. Most parts, if not all, pass the checks with flying colors.

If there are any issues found, however, the refurbisher works tirelessly to find an informed solution. Sometimes, they replace or fix the part: screen, battery, keyboard, phone/laptop body, etc.

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After the fixes or replacements are complete, the refurbished product needs to go back through the full product test again. Only when a product passes all tests – just like a new one would! – the refurbisher can stamp them as refurbished.

Apple refurbishes its products as well and doesn’t advertise much about it (small section at the footer of their homepage page). They source products from users who return products for repair or open-boxes. The manufacturer sends these products back to the factory in China to refurbish the product completely. And sell it back online with up to 25% discount.

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