Are refurbished Apple products cheaper than new Apple products?

Yes – that’s why there are loads of hot deals for refurbished Apple products on our website!

This may be the most awesome fact – by purchasing a refurbished product, you’re saving between 15% and 80% of the original retail price of the new product. That’s why we love Apple refurbs so much!

Here are some examples so you know what to expect:

  • For a refurbished iPhone 6, you are probably going to get 40-50% off.
  • If you’re you’re looking for a secondary phone (maybe for Pokemon Go), you can get an iPhone 4s refurb for 89% off!!
  • For a refurbished MacBook, you should be looking at saving between 20-40%, and many Macs are also selling for 60% off.
  • And for refurbished iPads you can snap up some really awesome deals – an iPad Air for 60% off – gimme it now!

Discounts do vary a lot, so you just need to have a good browse!

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