Will my refurbished Apple product look brand-new?

The only real difference between refurbished Apple products and new Apple products (aside from the much lower price of course), is the cosmetic condition of the items. This is purely the appearance of the product, and it is important to remember that refurbished products are 100% functional and are thoroughly cleaned.

There are 3 different levels of cosmetic condition you can choose from:

  • Excellent – The screen and body are in perfect condition.
  • Good – The screen is in very good condition. There may be scuffs or nicks on the side or back.
  • Fair – There are scuffs and nicks. It will look used but will be fully functional.

All products that Apple refurbish themselves are classed as ‘Excellent’. In fact, you may not know this, but if your device breaks and Apple give you a replacement, they actually give you a refurbished device. That’s right, you literally can’t tell between new and refurbished in this case.

All refurbished Apple products are still completely functional, it’s just their appearance that can vary.

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